Unifying teen athletes around protection that performs

AUC rallied trust and drove trial for Playtex Sport Compact, increasing share by 8%.

Playtex was beat to the punch in the compact market with their late launch of Playtex Sport Compact, and down in standings for the overall tampon category. Amid this fierce competition, they were also facing a growing gap of young women who were unconvinced that compacts offered enough protection for their athletic needs. AUC stood up for the challenge of helping Playtex gain their target’s trust and stand out against their compact competitors.

Gaining teen girls’ trust was no simple feat, so we went for gold in choosing a powerful spokesperson to overcome their skepticism. We positioned Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman as the power-woman for our program, whose highly demanding sport required high-performance protection. With Aly’s help, our ownable program “Try it, Trust It, Play on” sparked attention on social and digital. Geo-targeted ads, e-blasts and direct mail drove shoppers to stores where Aly reinforced our message on displays. Our purchase-incentivizing Play On Tryout Kits got the all-around medal for encouraging discreet trial with free athletic essentials. With an 8% share increase and an 18% redemption rate, it’s safe to say AUC stuck the landing for Playtex.  


Playtex was able to gain the support of our key accounts, which led to expansive programs at Walmart, Target, Kroger, Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid, to name a few. The results of the program far exceeded expectations and industry benchmarks.

Return on Engagement


CTR with target audiences, exceeding benchmarks for mobile performance


Total activation impressions


Redemption rate, double our initial goal

Return on Investment


Increase in sales lift attributed to digital media activations driving shoppers to digital coupon (measured against pre- and post-promotion period)


Unit growth for full Playtex Sport portfolio vs last year


Share increase throughout promotional period resulting in 8.4 share loss for Tampax

Return on Relationship


During the campaign, we drove over 5.7MM in Playtex Sport Compact sales, resulting in a 2.5pt increase in repeat buyers


Successful Playtex Sport launch grounded Playtex in the category, leading to increase in product facings, praving the way for future distribution with launch of Playtex Clean Comfort