Amauri Campos Amauri Campos

Spotlighting VP of Marketing & Media, Amazon Amauri Campos

Why do you love working with Amauri?
No matter the issue, Amauri focuses on a solution to an issue—not the issue itself. This is contagious and his can-do attitude spreads to the entire team.
—Fahim Naim, SVP Sales

What’s something Amauri does better than anyone else?
Amauri has a gift for communication. He simplifies complicated topics, coaches and mentors with clear and actionable items, and most importantly, Amauri cares about everyone on our team: their personal well-being and professional development.
—Kirt Moritz, Business Development Manager

The hard things that nobody wants to do: tough conversations, tough decisions, and taking on difficult projects. Amauri is reliable. He's someone that is always in the trenches.
—Christine Khalil, Business Development Manager

How does Amauri make you better at your job?
Amauri takes ownership in everything he does, which allows his teammates to focus on other areas of the business because they know he's on it. He is passionate about what he does and treats it as if it's his own business.
—Fahim Naim

Amauri has challenged me to grow and take on skills that I never imagined I would. In the years I've known him, he has truly changed the trajectory of my career and helped me overcome years of impostor syndrome. I am very thankful for him.
—Christine Khalil

How does Amauri make AUC better?
He prioritizes our client's success over anything else. He leads the team to quickly identify the obstacles clients face. He then coaches our team to find the tools, resources, voice-overs, confidence and knowledge to perform action items that grow our clients’ eCom sales. 
—Kirt Moritz

Amauri always has the larger picture in mind; he makes sure that business decisions benefit the team as a whole and he challenges people to do what he knows they’re capable of, rather than fix problems for them. Those are hard skills to find; rather than being a people pleaser, he'll say and do what needs to happen to actually help us find success.
—Christine Khalil

From Amauri

What’s your secret advantage at work?
My experience on both sides of the table with Amazon. Having built and scaled several brands online, I hired, managed, and learned from the world’s best consulting agencies. At the agency side, I deeply understand and empathize with brands’ needs, wants, and most importantly, their sense of urgency. I am obsessed with building and scaling brands online.

What professional lesson or advice do you return to time and again? 
“Bias for Action.” This Amazon leadership principle focuses on moving fast but sensibly and continuing to reevaluate and adjust along the way.

What makes you good at your job?
Leading by example. Doing the work that I expect my team to do is what keeps me relevant to them. It’s critical I have a strong and functioning team to achieve ambitious goals in a fast-paced ever-evolving environment. Keeping my hands dirty helps me be a better leader.

What do you love most about working in commerce?
I'm curious by nature, and a problem-solver by trade. Ideation and testing motivates me, and commerce is the perfect sandbox for unlimited learnings. Finding ways to connect audiences to products is simply fascinating.

What’s your favorite commerce channel? 
Amazon, by far. As a consumer, Amazon is my go-to for mostly everything. As a professional, I’m constantly amazed by their ability to continuously innovate, at scale.

What about your life today would make your younger self proud?
Not letting the time slow down my hunger for learning and not being afraid to try new things every day.

Any hidden talents?
I'm a certified Scuba diver with experience in several complex diving styles including night dive, shipwreck and cave diving. This helped me develop my planning skills, my self-control and decision-making process under strenuous situations, like when a top SKU is suppressed during Prime Day 😝 

Favorite thing to do when you’re not working
Coaching my son's baseball and soccer teams.