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Spotlighting Senior Account Executive Brayanna Montoya

Why do you love working with Brayanna?
Bry is a JOY to work with! She never shies away from helping a peer—and she genuinely wants to. She's positive and collaborative. What I appreciate most is the way she looks at issues: Bry does an excellent job of zooming out and seeing the big picture while managing details for her clients and teams.
—Alea Redetzke, Sr. Director Strategic Planning

Brayanna always brings a positive attitude and makes every meeting more enjoyable!
—Ethan Fabes, Account Supervisor

Bry is an absolute delight to work with. She is extremely thoughtful and kind to all those around her.
—Dionne Reese, Sr. Account Director

Bry is so proactive, patient, and pleasant to work with.
—Oliver Becker, Media Director

Bry is truly a one of a kind! She has an unmatched combination of positivity, enthusiasm, strategic thinking and client service excellence. I feel grateful to work in partnership with someone who is so dedicated and thorough at her job, but more so brings an authentically positive vibe. You can't love but being on the same team!
—Erin Heikkenen, VP E-commerce Strategy

Bry is amazing, irreplaceable, and a pleasure on our team. She came to us enthusiastic to learn and ready to take on any challenge. Bry is a great collaborator, sharing her knowledge and asking for experts’ input, and always looking for the next best thing. She is detail oriented, universally trusted, and has a very bright future. She gets things done, finds new ways forward, and does it all with a positive attitude.
—Katie Giuditta, VP Client Services

What’s something Brayanna does better than anyone else?
Beyond being attuned to the macro and micro commerce markets, Bry comfortably handles the inevitable changes to the consumer and retailer landscapes. As she keeps the team informed, I'm always impressed by her predictions and takes on new trends.
—Alea Redetzke

Brayanna always has an article, statistic, or piece of knowledge about any topic I come to her with. She can craft those data points into a story like nobody's business.
—Sarah Kaufmann, Account Director

Bry is a truly the best at being fluid and flexible. She is keen on the details and has a rich grasp of the big picture. Her ability to navigate the good, the bad and the ugly with ease sets her apart in a big way!
—Erin Heikkenen

How does Brayanna make you better at your job?
Brayanna provides thought leadership in our monthly E-commerce News Brief and quarterly e-comm updates, which consistently help me show up as an expert in front of clients.
—Ethan Fabes

Bry holds herself to the highest standards and this makes everyone else want to meet those same standards. She makes it easy to be a part of her team and a safe space for those around her to also want to raise their own bar and deliver at the same best in class level.
—Erin Heikkenen

How does Brayanna make AUC better?
Bry educates all of us at AUC with monthly e-comm newsbriefs and quarterly e-comm trend presentations—a favorite with her client readers. She pushes content to meet all types of clients wherever they are in their e-comm journeys. Everyone at AUC can learn from these pieces and knows who to go to for the latest and greatest.
—Katie Giuditta

Brayanna is a team player who always chips in to help others. She brings innovation to projects and makes everyone around her think differently about our solutions.
—Ethan Fabes

Bry's authenticity, care and charisma make her a true light in any team setting. Her passion for our client businesses is unwavering and unmistakable. It adds meaning for all who have the pleasure of working with Bry and it is resonates across AUC!
—Erin Heikkenen

From Brayanna

What’s your secret advantage at work?
I am naturally curious and always looking to learn. I don't worry if something falls within my purview. If it's a topic I don't know, I'll explore it until I understand it.

What professional lesson or advice do you return to time and again
You don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate! This has helped me avoid having an air of entitlement. I'm mindful of making a solid business case whether I'm advocating for myself, my team or my client.

What’s your favorite commerce channel?
I'm hooked on Target Curbside Pickup and Amazon Prime to help me spend more time with my family and fur baby!

What about your life today would make your younger self proud
Enjoying the work-life balance that comes from working from home!

Dream vacation?
Visiting India! It's such a rich culture: the food, the architecture, the music, the colors... It's definitely on my bucket list.