Danielle Steadman Danielle Steadman

Spotlighting Director of Operations Danielle Steadman

Why do you love working with Danielle?
Danielle is remarkably adaptive and willing to embrace fresh challenges. She leads by example in being open to new opportunities and mentoring her team to their best performance.
—Priyanka Rattana, VP Business Operations

Danielle puts her team above herself. She prioritizes growing their careers and talents and building their morale. That positivity flows through her working relationships: seeing how others are doing and bringing her human approach to the workplace.
—Ra Shonda Gibson, Sr. Director Operations

She helps foster a positive and collaborative environment within our team through open communication, clear goals, and encouragement of professional growth.
—Brittany Williams, Business Analyst

What’s something Danielle does better than anyone else?
Danielle makes the complicated world of corporate finance seem like a cake walk.
—Ra Shonda Gibson

Her ability to promote cross functional collaboration within AUC. She excels in bringing colleagues together to achieve the best solution.
—Brittany Williams

How does Danielle make you better at your job?
Danielle is a great sounding board. After going from managing a large team to being a solo act, it’s great to run things by Danielle as my business operations expert.
—Ra Shonda Gibson

She leads by example, motivating me to continuously evaluate how to improve processes and increase efficiencies in current tasks and projects.
—Brittany Williams

How does Danielle make AUC better?
Danielle has a knack for swiftly, proactively pinpointing and resolving issues, making valuable contributions that increase efficiency and effectiveness.
—Priyanka Rattana

Danielle brings a financial knowledge base and business mindset to a creative agency, which is crucial to the success of our enterprise.
—Ra Shonda Gibson

She maintains a positive attitude no matter the task. She takes the time to celebrate wins while always encouraging us to strive even higher. Her support and dedication to those values continuously encourage others at AUC!
—Brittany Williams

From Danielle

What’s your secret advantage at work?
My inquisitiveness and relentless quest for knowledge.

What do you take the most pride in about your work?
Surpassing client expectations and delivering value to shareholders.

What makes you good at your job?
My strong enthusiasm for delving into and enhancing my understanding, whether it’s within my professional environment or in my personal pursuits.

What’s your favorite commerce channel?
Amazon! I love buying from my clients 😊. Amore Pacific is my favorite new client and I am proud to support their brands.

What work of art changed your life?
A book that significantly impacted my life is I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb. It is a story of family, identity, acceptance and forgiveness. It illustrates the search for our own personal truths.