Danielle White Danielle White

Spotlighting VP Project Management Danielle White

Why do you love working with Danielle?
Danielle brings a fresh perspective to our business along with a wealth of experience that challenges us to be more efficient and innovative.
—Victor Lee, President

Danielle is a pro and knows all the right questions to ask to set our team up for success. She is approachable, inquisitive, and great at partnering to devise cross-functional processes and solutions.
—Stephanie Rogers, SVP Strategic Services

Danielle has a great background and wants to improve everything she can for the betterment of our organization.
—Fahim Naim, SVP Amazon

How does Danielle make AUC better?
She embodies our Win Together culture by engaging with all business areas to understand what they do and how they impact our greater good. She works tirelessly to help AUC be better in our work and for our people.
—Victor Lee

Danielle brings tremendous project management and leadership experience to our organization; since joining AUC she has established detailed work plans to ensure we have industry-leading scoping, resource management, and program management systems in place.
—Stephanie Rogers

Danielle's enthusiasm and desire to improve our processes is a huge asset to the AUC leadership team.
—Fahim Naim

From Danielle

What’s your secret Advantage at work?
Being transparent, real and compassionate to my peers and team members. I always make myself available and ensure my team feels they can count on me to help solve any problem that comes up.

What professional lesson or advice do you return to time and again?
Be proactive and solution oriented. It's easy to dwell on problems, but actively seeking ways to overcome challenges, resolve issues and achieve goals is something I model and aim to inspire in my team.

What makes you good at your job?
Building teams and creating a safe, fun and rewarding work environment where everyone has a part in the overall success of our clients.

What’s your favorite commerce channel?
Social commerce. Instagram Checkout and TikTock Shopping are so streamlined! When shoppers buy without leaving the app, sure it drives sales, but it also fosters emotional connections, enhances engagement and builds loyalty.

What’s an obscure fact about yourself?
I studied abroad in Venezuela and went paragliding off the Andes mountains. I have my JD and practiced family law my 3rd year in law school. I grew up watching westerns with my father and have an affinity toward the genre.