Erin Heikkinen Erin Heikkinen

Spotlighting VP Ecommerce Strategy Erin Heikkinen

Why do you love working with Erin?
Erin brings ALL of herself to AUC and with that comes focused energy to overdeliver for clients and for every team member. She brings "here to slay" energy every day.
—Valerie Bernstein, EVP Marketing & Business Development

Erin is a delight to work with. She always goes above and beyond, and somehow does it with style and grace. She makes it look easy, but it is in no way easy!
—Kayla Miller, Sr. Account Executive

When Erin walks into a room (virtually or IRL) the air is immediately lighter, and people lower their guard and open up. She naturally makes people feel comfortable and adds value to those around her, which I believe is truly Erin's genius.
—Cory Krehbiel, Account Supervisor

What’s something Erin does better than anyone else?
Erin has amazing passion for the business and is always looking for new solves, opportunities and ways to improve. No one is more willing to lean in, roll up her sleeves and find innovative solutions for our teams and clients.
—Katie Giuditta, VP Client Services

How does Erin make AUC better?
Erin brings true grit and perseverance; she's unafraid to get into the thorny, unglamorous, operational pieces we need to tackle. And she pushes to bring clarity and resolution to make our process hum.
—Valerie Bernstein

With her enthusiasm, her energy, her expertise and her insights. She's a true team player. She always does the absolute most and does it well at that. She's a strategic powerhouse.
—Kayla Miller

Erin is the most selfless and serving individual I know. She asks not "What can you do for me?" but "How can I help you?" This cultivates a positive serving culture within AUC and rejuvenates morale.
—Cory Krehbiel

From Erin

What’s your secret advantage at work?
After 11 years here, I’d say it’s making the most of the vast knowledge, skills and subject matter expertise across the Advantage Solutions enterprise. By connecting within our organization, I have learned and grown under true industry leaders! I am so fortunate to have the space to work alongside different and amazing colleagues, and I truly believe that is the biggest secret to my continued success.

What professional lesson or advice do you return to time and again?
Don't wait for opportunities to come to you; find them and take control of them. We have a voice that deserves to be heard; it is our responsibility to share our perspective. As we constantly navigate massive industry change, it is our job to identify gaps and opportunities for the future of retail and omnicommerce.

What do you take the most pride in about your work?
Being part of a diverse team that challenges me to step up my game, confront opportunities, and view scenarios through different lenses. I am proud my peers hold me accountable to show up side by side with them.

What makes you good at your job?
My willingness to be vulnerable. It took time to find comfort in admitting weaknesses and missteps, but when I realized failure is crucial to learning, it proved to be a huge unlock for me.

What do you love most about working in commerce?
The crazy chaos of it all! No two days are ever the same. We are always on our toes and for that it’s never boring! I love it!

What about your life today would make your younger self proud?
Being the best Auntie to my sister’s kids and my friends’ kids. I love hanging with all the little ones in my life! I refuse to miss a birthday party, dance recital, soccer game or just any opportunity to hang out with all my favorites!

Favorite thing to do when you’re not working?
Travel! During 2021 I lived on the road for ten months traveling the U.S. while working full time and earning my MBA. During this solo travel experience I found my true passion for exploring the unknown, meeting new people, experiencing different activities, and finding the confidence to do it on my own. I have four trips scheduled for this year and am planning for more!