Kayla Miller Kayla Miller

Spotlighting Senior Account Executive Kayla Miller

Why do you love working with Kayla?
Kayla is a bundle of positive energy with a hint of mystery. Her ability to manage multiple workstreams, connect functional experts, and add value to every project is an asset to the agency. The fact that she does it with a smile and southern charm day after day is a superpower.
— Dino de Leon, Executive Creative Director

How does Kayla make you better at your job?
Kayla relies on inputs and deliverables from people and departments throughout the organization requiring her to lead with "control tower" like oversight as she traffics everything without friction. She makes me better with her punctuality, readiness and encouragement of new ideas. Kayla's follow-ups are always on time, so you better be!
— Sharif Fahmy, SVP Strategy & Analytics

How does Kayla make AUC better?
Kayla displays strength, patience and persistence in every situation. She combines curiosity with accountability to turn obstacles into opportunities. She calmly navigates complicated projects and processes, making our work and our culture more approachable and fun.
— Marcella Oglesby, Executive Creative Director

From Kayla

What's your secret advantage at work?
My passion for storytelling. I have an MFA in creative writing and have published numerous short stories and creative essays, so that skillset — clear communication, effective written comms, structure, analytics, organization, research, crafting compelling narratives — empowers everything I do at AUC.

What about your life today would make your younger self proud?
My younger self always dreamed of moving away from small-town Georgia to build a life of my own and now I've done just that. The glow-up is real!

Any hidden talents?
I love to sing, especially karaoke, and can do a solid Cher impression.