Kirt Moritz Kirt Moritz

Spotlighting Senior Account Director, Amazon Kirt Moritz

Why do you love working with Kirt?
Kirt just gets stuff done. He focuses on the solutions, not the problems, and he does it all with contagious positivity.
—Fahim Naim, SVP Amazon

Kirt is always there to lend a helping hand and provide valuable insights and guidance.
—Peter Lazazzero, Account Director

Kirt has a tremendous can-do-attitude, a contagious positivity, and a genuine care for our clients, our team and our business. He is always ready to help everyone in any way possible, which makes working with him a pleasure and an honor.
—Amauri Campos, VP of Marketing & Media, Amazon

What’s something Kirt does better than anyone else?
Kirt excels in communication: his ability to articulate complex ideas with clarity and precision is second to none.
—Randall Willis, Account Supervisor

He leads his team with clear goals and strategy.
—Taylor Dunsford, Account Executive

Smiling and handling a tough situation with a positive attitude.
—Fahim Naim

Kirt's leadership, problem solving skills, and Amazon knowledge.
—Peter Lazazzero

How does Kirt make AUC better?
Kirt is accountable and curious about our clients, always looking for new, creative ways to grow businesses and cultivate relationships. He epitomizes going above and beyond.
—Amauri Campos

His attention to detail and keeping the client first are assets to AUC.
—Peter Lazazzero

Kirt continues to step up with a can-do attitude and is a great leader for our teams.
—Fahim Naim

From Kirt

What’s your secret advantage at work?
My smile! From the camaraderie in our team and with clients, embracing challenges and nurturing a passion for growth, we're having fun. At AUC, my commitment is solely focused on our client's ultimate goal: growth. A smile shows confidence and an attitude that we're going to win together.

What professional lesson or advice do you return to time and again?
I embrace creativity and refuse to accept "impossible" as an answer. I'm driven by a relentless obsession with finding solutions for growth. My approach involves exploring unconventional ideas, firmly believing that everything is achievable with clear thinking, observation, analysis and creativity.

What do you take the most pride in about your work?
Pride comes from helping our team experience professional and personal growth. Watching our team collaborate to solve a problem or teach another teammate a new skill, it's never about one individual, it's always about the team and our client's success. Then celebrating each other's life milestones and embracing work-life balance.

What makes you good at your job?
Caring. I'm passionate for our clients' success. It's intrinsic in my personality and essential for my relentless commitment to helping them grow. For each brand, I take ownership, as they do, and am energized when we accomplish great things together. For me, caring equals passion.

What’s your favorite commerce channel?
I love the challenge of scaling brands on Amazon. I still reflect on my first Amazon sale and hearing the phone alert. Now there are so many sales my notifications are disabled. But the most unique was when one of those was a sale to [email protected], yes that Jeff.

Any hidden talents?
One summer I was a professional magician, but after getting paid a single candy bar, I chose college instead.

What about your life today would make your younger self proud?
That my older self has discovered personal and professional lives can work together and drive mutual success. I learned that professional goals don't have to just be about titles or salary, but instead can be much more holistic and personal. My younger self would be proud that I set my goals personally and let my professional self enable those goals.

Favorite thing to do when you’re not working?
I am the father to a very special daughter and we're in the middle of planning her wedding for next May. We all love to travel together and hike the mountains.