Mengjia Zhang Mengjia Zhang

Spotlighting Account Manager Mengjia Zhang

Why do you love working with Mengjia?
Mengjia is amazing to work with! She brings positive energy, is extremely organized, and balances professionalism with thoughtfulness. She puts her colleagues first and always lends a helping hand.
—Missy Foster, Account Director

Mengjia has an exceptional knowledge of shopper marketing and retail, which she uses to lead by example and educate those around her. Mengjia takes the time to set up her team for success and lets them run with opportunities, supporting and enhancing as needed. Plus, her unflappable demeanor brings calm at every turn, no matter the pace of work.
—Katie DiMambro, Sr. Account Executive

Mengjia defines teamwork. She's always willing to lend a hand and I appreciate her quiet confidence.
—Amber Tannyhill, Account Director

What’s something Mengjia does better than anyone else?
Mengjia thrives at bringing order, organization and new processes to challenging assignments.
—Katelyn Rohland, Sr. Account Director

Mengjia takes the most complicated projects and makes sense of them for the creative team.
—Holly Hansen, Sr. Project Manager

How does Mengjia make AUC better?
By giving her all every day and leading by example. She is a true team player and we are lucky to have her.
—Katelyn Rohland, Sr. Account Director

She’s a true team player.
—Holly Hansen, Sr. Project Manager

Mengjia is a market-savvy leader, selfless team player and all-around exceptional person. Any client or colleague is lucky to work with her.
—Katie DiMambro, Sr. Account Executive

From Mengjia

What’s your secret advantage at work?
Being surrounded by kind, supportive and talented coworkers who genuinely want to help each other succeed.

What a professional lesson or advice do you return to time and again?
Always be open to learn new things and adapt.

What’s your favorite commerce channel?
Shopify. I love how their platform can empower and transform small, local brick-and-mortar retailers into an e-commerce business almost instantly. They're constantly innovating and building new tools, such as the ability to sync Shopify catalogs seamlessly to Instagram and Facebook Shops. They're adapting the retail storefront to wherever the customer is shopping.

Favorite thing to do when you’re not working?
Being outdoors in the mountains rain or shine. You can find me hiking, rock climbing or skiing.