Michael Johnson Michael Johnson

Spotlighting Project Manager Michael Johnson

Why do you love working with Michael?
Michael’s enthusiasm and can-do attitude are infectious and positively impact those around him. His contributions are highly valued, and his positive energy helps drive our team forward.
—Mendy Clark, Director Project Management

Michael helps bring digital creative ideas to life by figuring out how to make the seemingly impossible possible. His technical proficiency and passion for innovation, blended with traditional project management talent, makes him invaluable to our team and the projects he manages.
—Danielle White, VP Project Management

Michael has a knack for removing obstacles and turning them into solutions. He’s fluent at communicating with clients, vendors, and colleagues. He is the hub at the center of the team’s spokes making sure his projects run smoothly.
—Teresa Menichino, Sr. Project Manager

From Michael

What’s your secret advantage at work?
My dedication to perfecting process through efficiency. I’m driven to reduce wasted effort, rework elements, and eliminate errors. It is important to me to get the process right so that we set ourselves up for success in the long run.

What professional lesson or advice do you return to time and again?
"You cannot succeed without failure." This helped me realize that it’s okay to make errors. It’s what I do after a mistake that makes all the difference.

What do you take the most pride in about your work?
The accuracy of the work I deliver. We build a lot of innovative pieces of technology and a lot of hours go into quality assurance. The biggest compliment I can receive is that the brand team loves it and has no feedback. I strive to hit this goal with every project.

What makes you good at your job?
My dedication to my coworkers. I don’t have any unread notifications when I log off for the day. I want to make sure no one is waiting on me and that I have delivered everything I needed to. 
What do you love most about working in commerce?
The ability to create new and innovative pieces of technology to engage customers. That tech allows us to understand our customers better, which then allows us to serve them in ways we haven’t realized in the past.

Obscure fact about yourself?
I used to be an actor, and I am not talking about background work. I was in a few different movies and TV shows with speaking roles. I was even cast as a lead in a feature film in college. I auditioned for but didn’t get the title role in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Even though I didn’t get it, it was a great experience to audition for George Lucas. 
Dream vacation?
I would absolutely love to go to Bora Bora and stay in a bungalow on the water. Seeing pictures and videos of some of these places, it has to be one of the most relaxing places you can explore.