Sara Jarocki Sara Jarocki

Spotlighting Business Analytics Manager Sara Jarocki

Why do you love working with Sara?

Sara works with a level of humility that belies her abilities. This makes her a highly desired team member and role model for others. She is a mentor and a builder who makes everyone around her better.

—Fran Brinkman, SVP Strategic Planning

Sara is patient, knowledgeable and kind. She is the queen of data and provides a strong foundation of understanding for all the clients she works on.
—Meg Collins, Account Planner

She is one of my critical go-to's when I need advice, a suggestion or a laugh. She’s always willing to talk through a project, and always striving to improve things.
—Pat Laros, Senior Director Strategic Planning

How does Sara make you better at your job?
She is a true consultant and partner. In addition to being an able analyst who can pull data and tell the story, she makes me better by questioning, suggesting, and challenging me. I’ve lost count of how many more times she has been right than I have :)
—Pat Laros

Sara's ability to teach new employees from the ground-up is amazing. Her patience and prioritization of the building blocks make learning the ropes a breeze.
—Meg Collins

How does Sara make AUC better?
Sara brings equal parts passion and leadership to every project. Her ability to manage strategic ambiguity and provide best-in-class recommendations on businesses she leads are beyond impressive.
—Fran Brinkman

From Sara

What’s your secret advantage at work?
Being a big data nerd. I love pulling and dissecting consumer data to discover golden nuggets of insight for my colleagues and our clients.

What professional lesson or advice do you return to time and again?
Growth doesn't happen when you're comfortable. Always be your own biggest advocate. Ask to help on projects that pique your interest and to work with clients that you’re passionate about. We work in a unique, everchanging industry; enjoy it.

What do you love most about working in commerce?
Being able to see the work my colleagues and I touch come to life in-store and online. We work on so many cool brands, and it's always fun to see them at my favorite stores.

What about your life today would make your younger self proud?
Volunteering at an animal shelter. Animals have always been a huge passion of mine and I'm grateful to be able to spend a couple hours every weekend giving back to the community and helping those that can't help themselves.

Any hidden talents?
Finding the best playlist to jam to while I work on different projects. Everything has—and deserves—its own vibe!