Stacy Whitmer Stacy Whitmer

Spotlighting Associate Creative Director Stacy Whitmer

Why do you love working with Stacy?
Stacy can knock anything - and I mean ANYTHING - out of the park. She brings a thoughtful point of view and best-in-class design to every assignment. She innovates and elevates everything we do. She’s a delight to work with, too!
—Lea Kauling, Creative Director

Stacy is a "method creative" who dives into brands, their products, and their consumers with a relentless focus on understanding and solving challenges with authenticity and innovation.
—Stacy Schrack, VP Group Creative Director

Stacy has an eternally positive outlook. She has a smile for everyone, and she makes every day more fun!
—Kaitlyn Irby, Project Manager

What’s something Stacy does better than anyone else?
Stacy constantly seeks to improve the work. And when her first (or second, or third) attempt isn't solving the problem anymore, she pivots and finds a new, even stronger solution. Recognizing when to change course is a difficult skill, but Stacy does it intuitively, which is reflected in her strong work.
—Lea Kauling

Competitive dodgeball. She’s also quite knowledgeable about design principles!
—Courtney Birchfield, VP Client Services

How does Stacy make you better at your job?
Stacy inspires me with her unmatched design skills and eye for trends. Her curious mind always approaches problems uniquely with new innovations. Her temperament, tenacity and skill set the highest bar that we all hope to achieve.
—Lea Kauling

Stacy provides valuable solutions that I'm proud to share with clients.
—Courtney Birchfield

Stacy brings great insights, perspective and thought leadership, which helps everyone think outside the box.
—Kaitlin Irby

How does Stacy make AUC better?
Stacy is invaluable to AUC; she has shaped some of the agency's strongest, highest-profile work, and she has helped define our highest standards of output.
—Lea Kauling

Stacy is a trusted creative visionary who elevates creative output through active mentorship. From training to debating innovations to storytelling, her leadership inspires us to think and do differently.
—Stacy Schrack

From Stacy

What’s your secret advantage at work?
I hone in on how and why I create—not necessarily what is created. This allows me to be passionate about the what and also to pivot quickly with the ever-changing and evolving marketing landscape.

What makes you good at your job?
I have an endless curiosity and always try to push the design lines. I also see the opportunity in revisions, asking the right questions in search of better answers. I always share knowledge to make any community I’m part of better.

What do you love most about working in commerce?
At AUC in particular I've felt more armed with data and strategy than ever before. This ignites inspiration and helps me develop concepts that really matter to the target audience.

What about your life today would make your younger self proud?
Not being scared of stepping into the unknown.

What work of art changed your life?
Creativity, Inc. and Le Petit Prince