Amazon Marketing

Amazon Marketing

Let's open the flood gates to Amazon sales.

AUC is Amazon’s largest full-service partner, is a consistent top-five Amazon advertiser, and manages over $3 Billion in annual sales.

We exceed even Amazon’s expectations.

Our full-service clients grew 30% year over year, outpacing Amazon’s annual predictions of 5-10% growth.

All but one of our 12+ clients with over $10MM in sales grew by over 10%.

So did 80% of our grocery brands.

Our experience has taught us that every client needs their own plan.

Amazon is not a one-size-fits-all, set it and forget it platform. Success requires day and night account monitoring, frequent AB testing, opportunity sizing, and more. We’re constantly testing and optimizing Ads, PDPs, Keywords, conversion rates, and more to get the best outcomes for our clients.

While there’s no silver bullet, there is a golden process to achieve consistent results for our clients.

We’ve unified unparalleled offerings to set your brand up for success:
Our expertise as one of the largest Amazon full-service agencies
True end-to-end services like in-house graphic design, seller enforcement, and supply chain
We treat your business as our own and proactively manage every last detail

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The AUC x Amazon nitty gritty

AUC Amazon Accreditations
  • In-store and online size of prize
  • Business drivers across distribution, pricing, and promotion
  • Retailer- and market-level opportunities
  • In-store and online size of prize
  • Optimal omni-commerce budget allocation
AUC Amazon Full-Service Offerings
  • End-to-end Amazon 1P/3P/Hybrid sales & marketing
  • Full Account Management
  • Forecasting + Opportunity Sizing
  • AB Testing & Conversion Optimization
  • Supply Chain + Fulfillment
  • Search + Display Marketing
  • Content Creation, Management + SEO
  • Brand Protection
  • Terms & Cost Increase negotiations
  • Profitability Enhancements
AUC best-in-class tools and expertise in Amazon Paid Media management Powered by Humans (our team):
  • End-to-end Amazon 1P/3P/Hybrid sales & marketing
  • Macro Goal Setting & KPI Alignment
  • Strategic Budget Allocation
  • Sharing of Industry Trends
  • Integrated Annual Planning
  • Competitive Market Analysis
  • Content Creation, Management + SEO
  • Executional Agility & Investment
  • Hyper-Connected Business Partners
Powered by Machine (our tools):
  • Bid Management Platform Integration
  • Customized AI Rulesets
  • Real Time Optimization
  • Dayparting
  • Real Time Performance Metrics
  • Enhanced Budget Rules
  • Advanced Analytics