Commerce Intelligence

Commerce Intelligence

Our marketing analytics drive your retail campaigns forward by uncovering actionable insights.

To guide your desired business outcome, we ground our Commerce Intelligence in a complete understanding of the retailer and shopper dynamics that will achieve it. That knowledge leads to retail opportunities that drive growth, convert shoppers, and connect data sets across retail media, ecommerce, shopper, and trade. This is how we keep ourselves accountable in proving out your commerce marketing investments.

Retail Insights

We unlock growth strategies by tapping into our extensive retail knowledge base and using our core analytic framework

  • In-store and online size of prize

  • Business drivers across distribution, pricing, and promotion

  • Retailer- and market-level opportunities

  • Optimal omni-commerce budget allocation

Shopper Insights

We generate a precise understanding of how your best customers think, shop, and buy by leveraging a mix of primary and secondary research:

  • National and retailer-specific shopper profiles

  • Path-to-purchase mindset, needs, and behaviors across online and in-store

  • Best channels to reach them

  • The content that best resonates


Our one source of truth for modeling growth and evaluating business impact, Alchemy™ is our proprietary commerce intelligence platform. It steers our operations across shopper, e-commerce, Amazon, and retail media. It’s embedded into our workflow, functioning as a vital tool to assist clients in modeling prospective growth opportunities and evaluating the impact of our work on their business. Using the best of machine learning and human intelligence, it allows us to:

  • Unify disparate data sets from shopper, media, and sales across digital, in-store, and out-of-home for an unrivaled view of the business

  • Drill down on performance at the program, retailer, placement, and creative level

  • Streamline workflow, expediting time to uncover trends and drive decisions

  • Establish long-term benchmarking and predictive modeling to know where to invest next

And it gives you real-time visibility into your commerce marketing in action.