CPG eComm Outlook Survey 2022 CPG eComm Outlook Survey 2022

CPG eComm Outlook Survey 2022

CPG Manufacturer Survey

CPG manufacturers are striving to improve and expand their e-commerce capabilities. They’re focusing on sales and retailer relationships first, while content and media are a close second. As they forge and follow new paths to growth, their strategic investments are locked on performance and results.

These themes emerged from our survey of 37 CPG manufacturers:

  1. E-commerce analytics capabilities are underdeveloped or emerging
  2. There’s a significant need to train or upskill e-commerce talent
  3. Retailers are increasing their investments in retail media on-site search and display ads in the next year
  4. Optimizing retail media investments and digital shelf content inform top strategies for driving short-term e-commerce market share
  5. Almost half are funding retail media through shopper marketing budgets
  6. More than 40% are testing or piloting direct-to-consumer in the next year

This is just scratching the surface – to get the full report, drop us a line!