Unifying a Growing Portfolio into a Single Adventure

We set new high scores, online with engagement and IRL with 8.9% category growth.

Cap’n Crunch was an enduring presence in a crowded sea of innovators. In creating a masterbrand portfolio and expanding into new categories, the Cap'n was venturing into uncharted territories. Fans of the Cap’n are kids at heart, ready to crunch into flavorful adventures at the drop of a big blue hat, any time of day. Whenever they looked to take a break from every Millennial’s least favorite word — adulting — we put fun new foods and activities from the Cap’n at their fingertips. We unified the Cap’n Crunch iconic spirit with new cereals and snacks in a single digital destination that delivered fun with every tap. The Cap’n Crunch Arcade got everyone crunching into adventure with four games, all unlocked with a simple UPC scan. In-store displays and digital advertising drove to the site. Every play and visit suggested a new Cap’n product and got fans adding them to carts. The Cap’n Crunch Arcade went to the top of the leaderboard! We exceeded goals online, hitting benchmark CTR, landing 220K unique visits, with visitors playing 22 minutes per average session. And we leveled up IRL with 8.9% category dollar growth, 4.2% strong unit growth, 12.6% increase in buyers and in-store displays up 40%.


Successfully launched new products and unified cereal and snacks into one solution that outpaced the category in growth and HHP. It created an ownable brand platform that captured users, and their data, for future engagements.

Return on Engagement


Total number of gaming sessions


Achieving campaign CTR goals and benchmark


Unique visitors building 1P data

Return on Investment



Dollar growth vs prior period (106 idx vs category & Cap'n Crunch across US food)



Unit growth vs prior period (106 idx vs category & 110 idx vs Cap'n Crunch across US food)



Increase in buyers vs prior period (121 idx vs category & 122 idx vs Cap'n Crunch across US food)

Return on Relationship


Key retailers supported the promotion with displays up 40% over prior period and year ago, driving 8.7pts of buyer conversion vs prior period while category struggled to convert shoppers


Consumers loved the experience so much, becoming avid fans – they launched a Change.org petition to relaunch the arcade after the promotion ended